Walt disney man of the century essay

I returned to the same spots at Epcot this year to see how things have changed.

Walt disney man of the century essay

Walt Disney, or Uncle Walt as he became known to millions worldwide, is probably best known as the creator of Mickey Mouse, the loveable little creature that captured the heartstrings of many, however his accomplishments stem far beyond the creation of a cartoon character Thomas, Described by many as a creative genius Sklar, ; Thomas, ; Wasko,Disney created an empire consisting of films, television, animation, theme parks, hotels, training academies, educational learning tools, and one of the largest merchandising brands in the world.

Disney can be described as a charismatic leader with a visionary outlook, whose personal traits affected his leadership style. Formation Walter Elias Disney was born inspending his first formative years in the small farming town of Marceline, Missouri. The time spent in Marceline left quite an impression on the young Disney, an impression that lasted his lifetime, and affected many of his later career decisions.

These images and memories of the American small town community left a permanent impression on Disney that guided many of his projects in later life including the creation of Main Street USA in Disneyland. During this time in his life, Disney developed a drive and tenacity to persevere that would prove crucial in the development of his company and his leadership style.

At school in Kansas City, Disney was exposed to the entertainment industry through a classmateappearing in amateur productions at the local theatre in vaudeville style shows. During Disney first started considering where his future lay; examining what he most enjoyed doing, he decided that he wanted to become a cartoonist.

The culture that Disney grew up in created a man who knew that money was not easily gained, he had to work to earn it, creating a leader who was never afraid to get his hands dirty Sklar, It should be remembered that during the early 20th century cartooning was of large importance in newspapers serving as political propaganda, comedy, social commentary, and general entertainment.

Entertainment in the form of movies and musicals was in its infancy with the boom of Hollywood in It was only post that radio broadcasting became a regular occurrence, prior to this there was a need for entertainment that was accessible to everyone, manifesting itself in the form of cartoons in the newspapers Mercer, After his parents moved back to Chicago, Disney decided to return to Kansas City.

Relocating to Hollywood inDisney was determined to put the failure of his first companies behind him, embarking on a new desire to be part of the booming movie business.


Employees worked with Disney to create the first animation movies and the first cartoon series Oswald the Lucky Rabbitrather than working under him, a strategic plan by Disney that developed an almost unwavering loyalty and dedication to the new company.

It could be argued that Disney never truly reached the phase of incumbency, instead choosing to stay in the accession phase; a choice made to facilitate the potential for leadership change when needed.

As his company grew, diversified, and experienced losses, Disney adapted and changed with the organisation and the industry. Inprior to the creation of Mickey Mouse, Disney suffered a major loss that affected his business perspective for the rest of his life.

His first successful cartoon character, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, was taken away from him due to an oversight in the contract that signed over all drawings to the distribution company.

However this manipulative action by the distribution company highlighted an area of ruthlessness in the industry that could control him, thus his decision to forever avoid being contracted to others.

Disney generally maintained a smooth relationship with his employees, even through the early years of business failure and financial losses. His employees stood by him, often taking little salary, in the belief they were following a leader on a mission.

Disney created an open door workplace where collaboration was high, team spirit was essential, and although all understood that Disney was the boss and had final say, all ideas were encouraged Thomas, This personal investment in his employees led to personal heartache and a change in his leadership style after the strike of Following the immense success of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs spirits were high at the studio, bonuses were handed out, employee gatherings were organised, and Disney continued to motivate and inspire his employees, in the true style of a leader Kotter,however things started to change, coinciding with the advent of World War II.

Many of the overseas movie markets disappeared, restricting the sales market and drastically reducing profits.

The Walt Disney Studio began haemorrhaging money, so rather than watch his business slide into bankruptcy, Disney diversified his interests, creating real life documentaries, many relating to war time efforts.

The strike only lasted for five weeks, however the aftermath stayed with Disney the rest of his life.

Walt disney man of the century essay

Prior to the strike Disney employed a combination of management principles, acknowledging a hierarchy structure but developing and fostering supportive relationships with his employees. After the strike Disney reverted to a strict hierarchy policy; gone were the days of an open-door workplace, employee outings, and long drinking lunches.

Instead employees were reminded that they were on a strict contract, working for Disney not with Disney. There have been numerous discussions over the years regarding whether or not Disney gave sufficient credit to his employees, and in many cases critics have called him egotistical for his determination to have everything that came out of his studios labelled under the Walt Disney banner Thomas, Conversely it could be argued that this very early decision afforded the company the opportunity to survive after the death of their leader.

The gravity of his illness even seemed to shock Disney himself; in the months leading up to his death he continued working on new projects specifically the creation of Walt Disney World in Floridaand even though suffering constant pain and frequent hospital visits, he seemed to make few plans in the event of his death.

However in reality he knew the situation he was facing, and through conversations with his family, his brother Roy, and his closest employees he carefully inserted information into seemingly normal conversations, providing them with the guidance required to continue, and expand, his vast business dealings after his passing Thomas, The legacy of the man Walt Disney could be seen as one of his greatest leadership accomplishments.

However in the case of Disney, he chose instead to keep a firm grasp on his business, keeping intact his leadership persona and instilling in his employees his concepts, plans, and vision for the future Thomas, Since his passing, his vision, his goals, his business philosophy, and his leadership traits have created a life story, a legacy that has been passed down through the generations that have been involved in his organisations.

In fact, thanks to his lasting legacy, I did have a relatively good understanding of who he was; his life story that he carefully created had succeeded in keeping alive his leadership traits and vision.

Since my research, my admiration and respect have grown; he was a man of great talent and extraordinary vision, a man who believed in the impossible and worked day and night to create it, a man who believed in his ability and skills, and a man who inspired not only his employees but millions worldwide through his creations and his story.

Mouseplanet - Of Failure and Success: The Journey of Walt Disney by Jeff Kober

His story will continue to live on through his theme parks, his movies, his companies, and the dozens of Walt Disney bibliographies that have been written since his death, and at the heart of it, people will continue to be inspired by his journey, and continue to believe in the possibility of making the impossible possible, all inspired and encouraged by the leadership story of a man named Walt Disney.

Accountability and Rhetoric During a Crisis: Accounting Historians Journal, 27 2 Charismatic Leadership in Business Organizations:Walt Disney was a man who changed the world between his multi-billionaire dollar companies including Disney movies, resorts and theme parks.

He was a man who started from humble beginnings and has grown into a business mogul that s. Thesis Statement. Walt Disney is by far the most loved and influential man of the 20th century due to his monopolization of the entertainment industry, and overall positive feelings towards him due to his love of making people smile.

The Walt Disney: One Man’s Dream attraction has a soft opening at Disney-MGM Studios. Taking guests on a journey from Walt Disney’s birth in , to his career and future plans for The Walt Disney Company, the attraction will be formally dedicated on December 5.

Though Disney Parks today are well-established cultural icons, the Walt Disney Company’s start as an interpreter of American history and ideals began long before it opened the gates of Disneyland or Disney World ( and , respectively). leslutinsduphoenix.com, AllEars® Newsletter and any other properties owned by AllEarsNet, LLC are not affiliated with, authorized or endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with, The Walt Disney Company, Disney Enterprises, Inc., or any of their affiliates.

Diversity in Disney Films Critical Essays on Race, Ethnicity, Gender, Sexuality and Disability. Although its early films featured racial caricatures and exclusively Caucasian heroines, Disney has, in recent years, become more multicultural in its filmic fare and its image.

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