Project reports on pantaloons

Business owners have less control of these external factors, and their impact in changing them is minimal. Instead, small companies must adapt to these macro environmental factors, which include consumer characteristics, technology, government influence and the economy. The way small companies adapt to macro environmental factors determines both their ability to differentiate themselves from key competitors and overall success.

Project reports on pantaloons

The reason why I chose this sector is because as there are huge opportunities in this sector in the coming years. India was not into retail before before 10 years from now but now it is very much into organized organized retailing.

There is cut through competition competition in this field. Every alternate day we hear of a new companies getting into Retail sector, where this makes competition tough. I felt if I have experience in Pantaloon than I would be equipped to face the challenges that will come across while working in this sector.

I got to learn a lot about retailing, marketing in retail sector, knowing different people, how exactly product reaches final consumer, how all theses things are decided and how. This is the reason why Retail sector influences me the most. With over 12 million retail outlets, India probably has the highest density of retail outlets in the world, with one for approximately every 90 persons; little wonder that the country is the ninth-largest retail market in the world, with estimated annual retail sales of around USD billion in Rscrore.

At the same time, the share of organised trade in this enormous market is currently very small. The Indian and Chinese markets are comparable in many aspects: Both countries are not homogeneous.

They comprise many markets within a single country, with significantly varying cultures and customer preferences across regions. There is a significant rural population in both countries, which has much lower purchasing power compared to the urban population. Both Both countr countries ies are geogra geographi phical cally ly very very large large and uneven unevenly ly develo developed ped, adding a significant distribution and logistics dimension to the retail trade.

Consumers in both countries are highly value conscious. Between andthe organised retail market in China more than doubled. We estimate that the Indian retail market is today at the same inflection point as China was in the mids.

Growing Growing young young populatio population n: The organised retail market is expected to grow much faster, at a CAGR of Based on our projections, the top five organised retail categories by would be food, grocery and general mercha merchandi ndise; se; appare apparel; l; du durab rables les;; food food servic service; e; and home home improv improveme ement.

Table 1 Organised retail market in India Rs crore Retai Retailer lers s insp inspir ired ed by the the WalWal-Ma Mart rt story story of grow growth th in smal smalll town town America are tempted to focus on smaller towns and villages in India.

Project reports on pantaloons

Howe Howeve ver, r, a care careful ful analy analysi sis s of the the town town strat strata-w a-wis ise e popula populati tion, on, population growth, migration trends and consumer spend analysis reveals a very different picture for India. Simultane Simultaneously ously, the share of these towns in the overall retail market would grow from 21 per cent today to 40 per cent by Within these top 35 towns, an estimated 70 to 80 per cent of retail trad trade e coul could d be in the orga organi nis sed sec sector.

This his is simil imilar ar to the the experience in China, where in cities like Shanghai and Beijing, the organised sector accounts for 70 to 80 per cent of overall retail trade in certain categories.

Retailers should therefore focus on the top 37 towns in the next decade, as the opportunity in smaller towns and rural India would be smaller and more fragmented, compared to the larger towns. Growing acceptance among consumers, increasing price competition, the need for differentiation among retailers and the ability to offer higher margins are the key factors contributing to the growth of private labels.

It is therefore imperative for retailers to offer a price advantage through sourcing and operational efficiency, as well as a strong private label programme to attract customers. Existing and new entrants need to achieve scale quickly to drive efficiencies in procurement, supply chain and marketing.

Real estate and human resources will be the critical drivers to build scale.

Project reports on pantaloons

While there are a few hundred malls under various stages of development across the country at present, retailers will also need to think out of the box to ensure the availability of real of professional education & research, bhopal final project report on pantaloon anurag sahu a project report on retail store marketing activity (in store tie-ups for loyalty program to achieve green card target, tie-ups for eoss and denim exchange) at pantaloon retail india ltd.

PROJECT REPORT ON PANTALOON FRESH This project report throws light on the reasons behind customer’s decision of choosing Pantaloon for purchase of Apparels and various other products from Pantaloon.

Pantaloon is one of the emerging players in the Indian retail. Project Report On “Customer Retention and ways to improve Loyalty Program in Pantaloons, Sahara Ganj Lucknow” FFoorr tthhee ppaarrttiiaall FFuullffiillllmmeenn.

The project report is about recruitment and selection process that is an important part of the organization which is considered as a necessary asset of a company. In fact, recruitment and selection give a home-ground to the organization acumen that is needed for proper functioning of the organization.

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I share to My summer internship project in Pantaloons Retail India ltd. Mar 16,  · Re: Pantaloons Project - October 16th, hi i m doing my final graduation project in Pantaloons in apparel retailing.

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