Per word rate for copywriting services

Now go forth and write. Pricing for copywriting services will always be a challenge. What are your income goals? This is an incredibly important point that many freelancers ignore.

Per word rate for copywriting services

But what are words worth? Other copywriters have already said all you need to know. If you employed a builder to build a house, would you ask him if he charges per brick?

Comparisons between professional copywriters and copy mill writers are worthless. A professional copywriter is a jack-of-all-trades, understanding the basics of business and being prepared to do detailed research into your project to get on top of your brief. A copy mill writer is just churning out words with little to no interest in if they actually work.

Even a simple blog post is done differently. A professional copywriter cares about creating linkbait — in other words, writing a blog post that gets linked to, draws traffic to your site, and encourages people to call you. If you want me to write it from scratch or from your bullet pointsyou can increase that figure.

How long will I spend on the phone with you. How many redrafts will you demand? I maintain blogs for some of my regulars, and their blog posts can work out at as little as 10p a word.

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Just mulling it over in the back of my head. Creating a witty, memorable name took time and effort. The truth is, some words are worth more than others. Headlines on web pages take hours to write.

The accompanying paragraphs take minutes. But if you think a good product name, or even a good headline, is worth nothing more than pennies, think again. In other words, price-per-word can be useful when comparing copywriters.

But the cheapest is almost always the worst. Shop around, by all means, but beware the cheap option. You always get what you pay for.Personally, I use my “20p per word minimum” to arrive at a ballpark figure when I’m asked for a quote for long copy. This means a blog post can be anywhere from £, while six web pages will be at least £, ensuring I’m on a reasonable day rate.

You must have wondered: just how much money can a freelance blogger really earn?

per word rate for copywriting services

What do you think, is $50 per post a good rate? What about 20 cents per word? Think bigger. And, more important, think differently.

As a freelance blogger, it isn’t just your income that matters. The amount of time. Specialized Pricing. Typing services typically charge per page, word or hour. If you’re charging per page or word, you will want to have a standard rate for typing without editing and a rate for typing services with editing; this is called leveling your prices.

The problem is, Upwork has so many new people bidding down the pay for most projects. And you can’t get jobs unless you have a good review, and you can’t get a good review unless you bid down your work, and there comes a point at $5 where no one will do the work, so it’s a fools errand.

Fantastic article and well researched. It is mind blowing to even consider the extent to which social media and internet inform us today, and particularly how it has shaped the way Gen Y’s (someone believing it is as necessary as food and water!). Notice how the nearly 10, unlisted terms account for roughly 10 times as much traffic as I got from my core brand related term (and this site only has a couple thousand pages and has a rather strong brand).

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