Norma rae and labor issues

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Norma rae and labor issues

Stevens called the shots in Roanoke Rapids, paying poverty wages and offering deplorably unsafe working conditions. Workers routinely lost fingers, inhaled cotton dust, and lost their hearing due to the deafening clatter of machinery. Stevens was so vehemently anti-union that it systematically purchased small unionized textile mills throughout the south just to close them down.

But as determined as J. Stevens was to keep its workers down, Crystal Lee Sutton was even more determined to lift them up and bring in a union.

She had no previous association with unions, nor did she have any prior experience with collective resistance, but she had long harbored resentment towards J. Stevens for the power the company held over mill families in Roanoke Rapids. At the first union meeting she attended with her friend Liz Johnson in a small African-American church, Sutton was one of only a handful of white workers.

Hosting meetings at home also helped Sutton balance her responsibilities as a mother with her union activism, as many women were compelled to do. After that, I got more involved with the union than Rylan.

Confrontation at Delta 4 J. Stevens mounted one of the most hostile union-busting efforts in history, amassing over unfair labor practice rulings. Around the end of May, management posted a four-page letter addressed to the mill workers on the company bulletin board.

In addition to anti-union rhetoric, the letter implied that the union was a front for a black power movement that would take over the plant and the town. The bosses at Stevens knew that the union could bring charges against them before the National Labor Relations Board NLRB for posting a racially inflammatory message on company property.

But Sutton could not be deterred. At first, she considered copying the letter discretely to avoid a confrontation. This tactic, however, proved ineffective. It was taking too long, the women would forget the precise wording, and their frequent trips to the bathroom drew the attention of bosses.

A few days later, as her co-workers filed into the cafeteria for their dinner break, Sutton took advantage of a moment when attention was diverted away from the bulletin board to copy the letter. Moody and General Overseer James Alston saw her and objected, but Sutton insisted that she had the right to copy the letter during her break.

Lee, I am going to finish copying this letter. And then, I am going to eat … supper. He berated her for using the pay phone on company time. Sutton refused to respond to his accusations. Lee shouted at her to leave the plant. Uncertain what to do next, Sutton insisted that she return to her workstation to retrieve her purse.

The men offered no objections and she stormed back to the shop floor. Her supervisors followed her, joined by a security guard and a police officer. She climbed up on to her workstation and held the sign above her head. Mabry ordered her to come down, but no one laid a hand on her. Although she was fired and arrested, Sutton helped workers at J.

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Inshe was awarded back wages and her job was reinstated by court order. Because she had moved out of the area she chose to return to work for just two days. Crystal Lee Sutton was a hero in our lifetime who inspired workers the world over. Throughout the remainder of her life she continued to be an outspoken advocate for unions and working people.

Following a long battle with cancer, Sutton died on Sept.Norma Rae a Labor Analysis This film is based on the real life story of Crystal Lee Sutton and her involvement with Ruben Warshovsky and the organization of the textile workers at the J.P.

Norma rae and labor issues

Stevens Company in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina (Labor Films). Daniel D. Schudroff is a Principal in the New York City, New York, office of Jackson Lewis P.C.

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All of Mid-Missouri. The film's narrative follows Norma Rae, a factory worker from a small town in North Carolina who becomes involved in the labor union activities at the textile factory where she works after the health of her and her co-workers is compromised. In the basement of this sleek, clubby Flatiron restaurant is the room that sets Cote apart from other Korean barbecue places.

When you walk down the stairs towards the bathroom, you’ll see a red. In December , a group of anti-labor business leaders gathered in Washington, DC, for the first in a series of secret meetings.

The meetings were organized by a Southern paper-box manufacturer.

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