King epsilon

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King epsilon

Despite being a relatively bright star, it was not given a proper name by early astronomers.

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It has several other catalogue designations. Upon its discovery, the planet was designated King epsilon Eridani b, following the usual designation system for extrasolar planets.

The planet and its host star were selected by the International Astronomical Union IAU as part of a competition for giving proper names to exoplanets and their host stars, for some systems that did not already have proper names.

King epsilon names derive from Norse mythology: In its first bulletin of July[33] the WGSN explicitly recognised the names of exoplanets and their host stars that were produced by the competition.

Observational history[ edit ] Above, the northern section of the Eridanus constellation is delineated in green, while Orion is shown in blue. Below, an enlarged view of the region in the white box shows the location of Epsilon Eridani at the intersection of the two lines.

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Cataloguing[ edit ] Epsilon Eridani has been known to astronomers since at least the 2nd century AD, when Claudius Ptolemy a Greek astronomer from AlexandriaEgypt included it in his catalogue of more than a thousand stars. The catalogue was published as part of his astronomical treatise the Almagest.

The constellation Eridanus was named by Ptolemy Ancient Greek: This refers to a group of four stars in Eridanus: Modern scholars of Ptolemy's catalogue designate its entry as "P " in order of appearance and "Eri 13".

King epsilon

Ptolemy described the star's magnitude as 3. Al-Sufi's estimate of Epsilon Eridani's magnitude was 3. Al-Biruni quotes magnitudes from Ptolemy and Al-Sufi for Epsilon Eridani he quotes the value 4 for both Ptolemy's and Al-Sufi's magnitudes; original values of both these magnitudes are 3.

Its number in order of appearance is The modern designations of its entry in Ulugh Beg's catalogue are "U " and "Eri 13" the latter is the same as Ptolemy's catalogue designation.

This catalogue was based on Tycho Brahe's observations of —, including those on the island of Hven at his observatories of Uraniborg and Stjerneborg. Brahe assigned it magnitude 3.

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Bayer made no attempt to arrange stars by relative brightness within each class. Thus, although Epsilon is the fifth letter in the Greek alphabet, [40] the star is the tenth-brightest in Eridanus.

Its sequence number in constellation Eridanus was 14, its designation was Tertia the thirdand it was assigned magnitude 3 or 4 sources differ.

It contains three observations of Epsilon Eridani. Because every observation of each star was numbered and Epsilon Eridani was observed three times, it got three numbers: Bode's catalogue was based on observations of various astronomers, including Bode himself, but mostly on Lalande's and Lacaille's for the southern sky.

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