Gulf war syndrome essay

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Gulf war syndrome essay

Researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center investigated a sampling of these veterans with the syndrome Nutrition Health Review The researchers found that a primitive portion of the nervous system of these veterans was damaged.

These symptoms included gallbladder disease, un-refreshing sleep, depression, joint pain, chronic diarrhea, and sexual dysfunction. The parasympathetic system regulates the body's primitive and automatic functions, like digestion and sleep.

The sympathetic nervous system, on the other hand, controls the "flight-of-fight" instinct Nutrition Health Review. Isolating pure parasympathetic brain function was previously difficult to perform Nutrition Health Review Robert Haley, chief of Epidemiology at the University and leading author of this new study, and his team used a new mathematical technique called spectral analysis.

It monitored changes in approximatelyheartbeats over hour and measured changes in high-frequency heart rate variability.

Only the parasympathetic nervous system regulates this function. Through the method, the team found that parasympathetic brain function, which usually reaches a peak during sleep, barely changed in the veterans, even though they appeared to be sleeping.

A similar investigation of a group of healthy veterans, tested for comparison, revealed normal increased brain functions. Haley explained that the parasympathetic nervous system restores the functions of the body through sleep, Hence, the refreshed feeling upon waking up.

Gulf war syndrome essay

When brain functions do not increase during night sleep, illness can occur. This was the position taken by the team to explain the lack of refreshing sleep among the Gulf War veterans. The investigation involved 40 members of a naval reserve construction battalion, the Seabees, some of whom were ill and the rest, healthy Nutrition Health Review.

Haley first described the syndrome in a series of papers published in the January issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association Nutrition Health Review He previously ascribed the condition to the veterans' low-level exposure to sarin gas.

This was a potent nerve toxin, which was said to have reached thousands of soldiers when American forces detonated Irqi chemical stores during and after the Persian Gulf War in This occurrence was confirmed by the Government Accountability Office. Succeeding studies performed by Dr.

Haley's team suggested that these veterans were also born with lower levels of a protective blood enzyme, called paraoxonase. The enzyme counteracts toxins found in sarin.

The team then concluded that veterans who were in the same area and did not get sick were likely to have higher levels of this enzyme Nutrition Health Review. Haley and his team were also the first to use the method of factor analysis in investigating the Gulf War syndrome Kang It involved the exploratory analysis of 62 symptoms in of such veterans.

Haley's team presented these as evidence of the syndrome. But the team's observation was derived from just one naval unit of Gulf war veterans and which was not compared with a non-deployed veterans' group.

In comparison with those conducted by Dr. Haley's team and Fukuda's, this current study was population-based and included a comparison group of non-Gulf war veterans. Haley's sampling was limited to a small number and from just one naval reserve unit. Fukuda's study was confined to members of a U.

These members were substantially different from those who served in the Army and the Marine Corps, who accounted for 2. In contrast, the current study included a large group of respondent-troops from all of the four branches of the service and who were then on active as well as those who were already separated from the military.

The study conducted by Ismail and his team approximated this current one as regards study design but differed in statistical analyses Kang. It first used four-factor analysis but changed to six-factor when the four-factor methods did not produce interpretable results.

The current study eventually concluded that a unique factor, consisting of blurred vision, loss of balance or dizziness, speech difficulty, and tremor or shaking, was found among the veterans.

A group of with all the four established symptoms also claimed to have been exposed to many putative risk factors many more times higher than that of other Gulf war veterans. Many associated medical conditions were also reported to have occurred more often among these Gulf war veterans than among other Gulf war veterans.

Finding of this current study suggested a possible syndrome related to Gulf War deployment. It also required a strong, objective, supporting clinical evidence.

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Factor analysis was viewed as a method, which was not completely objective. There were no definite rules in the selection of the appropriate number of factors or from among the many possible methods of rotation.Lifting the Veil An Investigative History of the United States Pathocracy.

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Gulf war syndrome essay

The first time I experienced what I now understand to be post-traumatic stress disorder, I was in a subway station in New York City, where I live. Gulf War Syndrome One part of being an American, is giving yourself to your country when deemed necessary.

In , the United States took action in the Gulf War, where many US solders were sent. For decades, dozens of forgotten Navy and merchant ships have been corroding in Suisun Bay, 30 miles northeast of San Francisco.

These historic vessels—the Mothball Fleet—served their country in four wars: WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, and Desert Storm. Gulf War Syndrome Essay Words | 3 Pages.

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Gulf War Syndrome One part of being an American, is giving yourself to your country when deemed necessary. In , the United States took action in the Gulf War, where many US solders were sent. In fact, a total of , solders took part in the Gulf War. There are good reasons for any good progressive to bemoan the presence of the childish, racist, sexist and ecocidal, right-wing plutocrat Donald Trump in the White House.

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