Ecological niche

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Ecological niche

The Ecological Niche The Ecological Niche The concept of the ecological niche is an important one; it helps us to understand how organisms in an ecosystem interact with each other.

The concept is described by Odum as follows: The ecological niche of an organism depends not only on where it lives but also on what it does.

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The oak woodland is the habitat. So if Odum was writing a letter to an oak tree he would address the letter to: What do oak trees do? Perhaps you think that oak trees just stand there looking pretty and not doing vey much, but think about it.

Ecological niche

If the oak trees were cut down or destroyed by fire or storms they would no longer be doing their job and this would have a disastrous effect on all the other organisms living in the same habitat. Hedgehogs in my garden also have an ecological niche.

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They rummage about in the flowerbeds eating a variety of insects and other invertebrates which live underneath the dead leaves and twigs in the flowerbeds. That is their profession.

They are covered in sharp spines which protect them from predators, so being caught and eaten is not a part of their job description. However, hedgehogs cannot groom themselves properly. All those spines on their backs make a superb environment or microhabitat for fleas and ticks.

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My hedgehogs put nitrogen back into the soil when they urinate! I think that they eat my slugs, so that reduces the effect which slugs have on the flowers. So the idea of an ecological niche is very simple. You just need to know where the animal or plant lives and what it does.Each of the various species that constitute a community occupies its own ecological niche.

Ecological niche

Informally, a niche is considered the “job” or “role” that a species performs within nature. Informally, a niche is considered the “job” or “role” that a species performs within nature.

Alteration of an ecological niche by its inhabitants is the topic of niche construction. The majority of species exist in a standard ecological niche, sharing behaviors, adaptations, and functional traits similar to the other closely related species within the same broad taxonomic class, but there are exceptions.

In animal: Evolution of ecological roles. Animals arose from protozoans and initially were simply larger, more complex, and successful competitors for the same sources of food. The early animals (parazoans, coelenterates, flatworms, and extinct groups) exhibited the same basic strategies of .

The abiotic or physical environment is also part of the niche because it influences how populations affect, and are affected by, resources and enemies.

The description of a niche may include descriptions of the organism's life history, habitat, and place in the food chain.

Examples of Ecological Niches

Apr 27,  · Paul Andersen explains the niche. He gives three different pronunciations and two different definitions. He then discusses the competitive exclusion principle and the idea that a niche .

A niche is a small category that's made from splitting up large categories. For example, if you like Musicals, a niche genre would be Bollywood movies.

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