Descriptive stories on a man at war

Salinger Muriel speaks on the phone with her mother about her husband, Seymour, who has returned from the war. Meanwhile, Seymour is on the beach, where he meets a young girl and tells her about the bananafish.

Descriptive stories on a man at war

His famous line "War is Hell" aptly sums up his work.

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Here is a passage In preparation for writing on a war scene, one may wish to peruse the writings of professionals for examples. Here is a passage from Brave Men in which Pyle describes the Navy heading to battle in which he uses personfication most effectively, We sailed on past the stone breakwater with the waves beating against it and out onto the dark blue of the Mediterranean Almost out of sight great graceful cruisers and wicked destroyers raced on our perimeter to protect us.

Just at dusk a whole squadron of vicious little PT boats, their engines roaring in one giant combination like a force of heaving bombers corssed our bow We moved on into the enveloping night that might have a morning for us, or might not.

Interestingly, Remarque interposes poetic prose with riveting imagery in his descriptions of battle that mix horror with poignancy: Indeed, the contrast between objective depiction along with evocative portrayal of the conditions of the human soul invites the involvement of the reader to become involved with the text.

Certainly, the format of a descriptive essay is desirable for the writer.

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Here are some important considerations for the writing of such an essay, ones exemplified by Pyle and Remarque: Include enough detail to create a mental image for the reader Use sensory imagery Place objects and sights in relation to each other Establish an importance of order in the descriptions.Stories, poems, descriptive writing etc.

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Descriptive stories on a man at war

Sep 21,  · An old man sits at the side of a country road during the Spanish civil war. Everyone is fleeing the area, and although he has already traveled 12 Reviews: In preparation for writing on a war scene, one may wish to peruse the writings of professionals for examples.

Such works as Here is Your War and Brave Men by World .

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A full range of reading levels is included, with scripts aimed mostly at ages 8– Descriptive Stories On A Man At War.

Descriptive stories on a man at war

Man-of-War The Portuguese man-of-war if a member of the Kingdom Animalia, phylum Cnidaria(1), class Hydrozoa, order . These are just a few stories I've written in my English/Creative Writing classes during high school.

Some of them include some sensitive topics and can be fairly descriptive, so .

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