Demystifying popular myths about education

Immigration Reform and Education: We teacher educators and a community organizer emphasize and clarify verifiable information that in fact refutes seven prevalent mythologies often articulated in the public debate. By debunking misinformation, we seek to inform a thoughtful discourse as advocates engaged to positively influence how these students are viewed by educators. The hope of the authors is for a more thoughtful recognition of the immigrant student plight in the face of a nationally politicized and criminalized immigration stance.

Demystifying popular myths about education

Or that there is a difference between a charge card and a credit card, and debt settlement is not the same as debt consolidation? Find out the answers to some of the most common credit conundrums below. A charge card and a credit card are not the same. Some consumers do use these terms loosely as if these products are the same, but they definitely are not, says Michael Rose, vice president of payment solutions and technology with Affinity Federal Credit Union.

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A charge card requires full payment of the principal amount i. A credit card, on the other hand, allows the cardholder to choose to pay either the balance in full each month, the minimum payment required or any amount in between, says Steve Min, executive vice president and chief credit officer of Synchrony Financial.

In the early days of plastic, charge cards such as Diners Club card were king, but eventually, the concept of tacking on finance charges to revolving balances caught on in the late s, and the industry evolved. Today, American Express is one of the few players left offering charge cards.

What you need to know: No matter what type of plastic you have, be sure to understand the billing cycle so you know when to make your payment, if there's a grace period before you are charged interestand the consequences of being late.

If you are someone who tends to rack up card debt, a charge card can force you to keep those balances in check, as you are typically not allowed to roll over any balance. A credit report is not your credit score.

While your credit report and your credit score both assess how you use credit, credit reports and credit scores are often confused.

Credit reports are compilations of data collected by the three major consumer credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Credit reports include your payment history and the amount of credit you have available and are utilizing for all your accounts.

They also show whether you are in default or have been delinquent on any other reported debt obligations.

From this bureau data, various credit scores are generated, which calculate your creditworthiness, as well as the likelihood that you'll be able to repay your debt at a given point in time.

There are hundreds of credit scoring methods that each provide a different score and change constantly. You can get all three of your credit reports each year for free via annualcreditreport.

You should also take the next step and purchase your credit score at myFICO.

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Both credit reports and scores will give you a sense of how your credit profile will look to a prospective lender.Debunking the Myths and Demystifying the Meaning of Universal Design in Special Education Sharon Plante with Bryan Dean, Katie Novak In this episode we discuss universal design and clarify its relvance to general and special education.

Dispelling Myths It is a myth that dogs can swallow their own tongues during a seizure attack; that is simply not true. The occurrence of epilepsy in .

iii Demystifying the myths of ageing Forewords As life expectancy improves, Europe is experiencing an increase in the older population often referred to as the “demographic time bomb”.The “time bomb” suggests that an. The fastest growing market in sex education today is the "Baby Boomers." They grew up in the hot '60s and are now confronting their own myths around sexuality, mid life and Boomers grew.

A tuition-free college education could soon become a reality for some residents in Virginia.

Demystifying popular myths about education

Demystifying popular credit score myths. Purba Das Feb 16, , PM. Demystifying Certification for Health Care Case Management Describe popular myths around board certification for case management in the health care environment; and 2.

Demystifying popular myths about education

Discuss the evidence pointing to a positive career pathway for The renewal fee through continuing education is .

Mix Music Education » Demystifying the myths of rockschool