Condom dispenser in highschool

While 12 schools in the city already offer condom in health resource centers, the new move aims to increase contraceptive access to students in a city where teens comprise 25 percent of new HIV infections. The initiative has sparked outrage among a number of Philadelphia parents, who say free condoms will only serve to encourage teens to engage in sexual activity. But school officials point out that parents are able to sign a waiver to opt their child out of the program, and teens will have sex regardless of whether condoms are made easily available to them.

Condom dispenser in highschool

Updated by Grace Chen Taking sex education to the next level of controversy, some public schools are contemplating providing free condoms to their students. Learn about the debate, pros, Condom dispenser in highschool cons of condom-distribution programs at public schools.

Condom dispenser in highschool

The topic of sex education always sparks intense debate, and now the conversation may become even more heated. As more public schools from New York to Milwaukee contemplate providing free condoms on campus, students are caught in the crossfire of the debate.

Milwaukee Public Schools may soon join the small ranks of public school districts nationwide to provide high school students with access to free condoms. The school district's health officials cite concerns about the spread of sexually transmitted diseases as evidence of the need for a plan to make condoms accessible to students who need them.

The proposed plan would allow a student to receive two condoms after a consultation with the school nurse, who would also provide the student with literature pertaining to the risks of sexual activity.

Philadelphia High Schools Get Condom Dispensers

While it is not yet clear if the Milwaukee school board will approve the plan, the proposal has resurfaced a national debate over whether condoms have a place in public high schools. The Advocates for Condom Distribution Those who support making condoms available as part of a public high school's sex education program make several arguments: Advocates for condom distribution in public schools point these studies as evidence of the importance of providing condoms to sexually active teens.

Kathleen Murphy, the health coordinator for the Milwaukee Public School district, gave voice to this study, telling the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that students are "already reporting to us that they're having sex," and that the question to focus on should be "do we have the ability to help delay and deter the lifelong health consequences of the conduct that they're already doing?

The study surveyed students from New York City public schools, where condoms are available as part of the district's AIDS education program, and compared the results to surveys of students from Chicago public schools, where condoms are not made available to students.

Condom distribution was found to increase the likelihood that students would practice safe sex, but it was not linked to increasing the general rate of sexual activity.

Condom dispenser in highschool

Susan Wooley, executive director of the American School Health Association, underscored this argument when discussing the proposed change in Milwaukee. Those who oppose making condoms available to high school students frequently make the following arguments: In the early s, when New York City public schools pioneered its condom-distribution program, several parents brought a lawsuit against the school district and the Board of Education, alleging that parents should have the right to prevent their children from participating in the program.

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The lawsuit was unsuccessful, and the judge pointed out that minors are able to purchase condoms in drugstores and obtain them from free clinics without parental permission. However, New York City public schools did implement a program several years later to allow parents to "opt out" of the program.

These opponents use the rate of STDs among students as evidence that schools should be more proactive in educating teenagers about the dangers of sex.

Balancing Act Ultimately, any condom distribution plan must balance the concerns of safe sex and the legitimization of underage sexual activity.

Terry Falk, vice president of the Milwaukee school board committee that is set to address the proposed change, told the Journal-Sentinel that the proposal is not about "handing condoms out like candy. In addition, school nurses may have an opportunity to take more active roles in promoting sexual health.

Ultimately, Falk said, "We're hoping the end result will be less sexual activity rather than more if this is done right.Students returning to school after Christmas break may find new condom dispensers in their schools.

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The district is expanding the availability of free condoms to 22 high schools in the city, choosing schools based on their rates of sexually transmitted diseases.

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Today, condom vendors can be found in many different buildings to help prevent the spread of STDs and unplanned pregnancies. Across the United States, schools and school districts have been establishing condom availability programs in response to fears about HIV, other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) and pregnancy among teenagers.

While some districts have considered such programs and decided against them,1 by early , at least schools in 50 school districts had established programs. Over Christmas break, condom dispensers were installed at 11 high schools that either have a high rate of sexually transmitted diseases or an existing "health resource center" that provides sexual education to students. offers condom dispenser products. About 71% of these are vending machines, 3% are display racks. A wide variety of condom dispenser options are available to you, such as acrylic, plastic.

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