Comparative analysis of bmw and toyota

Fuel prices are expected to rise in the near future Fuel prices have been low for the last few years and are expected to rise in the near future due to the changes in the supply.

Comparative analysis of bmw and toyota

Firstly, it will be dealt with the competitive factors both companies need to excel at in order to gain competitive edge and sustain economic viability from a long-term perspective.

Secondly, it will outline the major aspects that enable both companies to succeed in a highly competitive and dynamic business environment. In particular, it will draw on key components of successful operations strategies, such as process design, human resource management, innovation management, supply chain management and quality management.

Finally, the paper concludes by summing up the key points and highlighting the respective implications. Comparative analysis of bmw and toyota table below shows the key competitive factors of Toyota and Ryanair in terms of order winners and qualifiers. It has gained a remarkable reputation of being one of the most effective and efficient manufacturers.

Toyota produces cars in different segments which all offer great value for money. Toyota meets customer needs by manufacturing cars of high quality and safety standards, distinguished designs, sophisticated technology and high dependability.

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The latter is demonstrated by the Vehicle Dependability Study by JD Power which showed that Japanese cars are reliable and dependable in general, especially those of Toyota Fallah, Every car is made-to-order according to individual customer specifications Liker, Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten OICA, Ryanair is one of the biggest and most successful European airlines dedicated to offer cheap flights.

In order to make its low-cost strategy feasible it has eliminated lots of activities compared with its full-service competitors.

For example, it offers no frills such as free on-board meals, movies and earplugs or free services such as lounges at airports.

Nevertheless, Ryanair still manages to add significant value in a few activities which attract millions of customers each year Ryanair, a.

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In particular, Ryanair meets the needs of price-sensitive customers who seek affordable and safe air travel. Despite its attempt to keep costs low, it places much emphasis on quality in terms of air safety. As Porterp. Essentially their strategy has a decisive impact on the way they operate and the trade-offs they need to make in terms of performance objectives Slack, et al, According to Forman et alp.

In order to ensure effective and efficient production on a high variety and high volume basis, the TPS combines various process design techniques including factory networks, cellular layout, and supplier network coordination.

These factors enhance production rates and ensure high utilization of resources. In a cellular layout, for example, the workstations are u-shaped and machines are positioned in such a way that workers can operate several machines simultaneously William, Taiichi contends that through the adoption of lean manufacturing and effective process design profits will significantly increase Taiichi, Ryanair, as a low-cost carrier, concentrates more on removing intermediate link processes in order to reduce costs and increase operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the outsourcing of various processes to third- parties, such as maintenance, significantly increases cost-efficiency Ryanair, Customers need to purchase tickets and check-in online and print their boarding passes at home.

The implementation of web technology enabled Ryanair to eliminate unnecessary processes associated with customer service, which has a direct positive impact on key performance factors such as speed, flexibility, and cost.

Even though Toyota and Ryanair use a different process system, their goal in terms of process design is quite similar, especially when it comes to reducing waste. Effective SCM has become increasingly important, because it enables companies to respond faster to changes in the external environment than competitors Stalk and Hout, In order to sell its cars to end customers Toyota has established a network of dealers across the world.

Comparative analysis of bmw and toyota

All of them operate according to different distribution strategies to cater for local needs. It goes unquestioned that this requires high quality customer service and effective communication Iyer, et al, Similar to manufacturers, service companies focus on the management and coordination of all activities in the supply chain, yet place emphasis on aspects such as service capacity, waiting time, distribution channels and quality of service Wisner, et al, In terms of the supply chain it is therefore particularly concerned with establishing mutually beneficial long-term relationships with major suppliers, negotiating price discounts and hedging prices Ryanair, Ryanair primarily depends upon three key suppliers, which are aircraft makers, airports and the oil industry.

Boeing and Airbus are the biggest suppliers for high quality passenger aircraft and therefore have remarkable bargaining power.

Primary airports in the major cities in Europe also have remarkable bargaining power as they attract the majority of travellers.

Only secondary airports may have less bargaining power, because they are usually less congested and depend on airlines to generate profit.

Finally, especially low-cost carriers are subject to unpredictable increases in oil prices. Ryanair can hardly cope with higher prices for crude oil; otherwise it would be forced to abandon its no-fuel-charge policy Ryanair, a.

There is no doubt that human resource planning and effective employee utilization are central factors that contribute to achieving competitive advantage Gilmore, Furthermore, Toyota uses a skill-based pay system to increase flexibility and decision making and avoid employee turnover and absenteeism Gerhart and Bretz, A Study on Financial Performance of Honda and Toyota Automobile Company A Comparative Analysis.

Toyotas Competitive Advantage In The Automotive Industry Marketing Essay. Print Reference this.

Comparative analysis of bmw and toyota

Published: 23rd March, the Toyota Motor Corporation. based on a careful analysis of its own resources and competencies, in addition to the strict orchestration of these resources and competencies over time, can be clearly seen in the.

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BMW Group Management, Market and Strategy Analysis segment of the BMW Group increased by 6% to million euro. COMPARISON WITH THE FORD MOTOR COMPANY The main competitor of BMW Group takes the greater share of automobile market.3/5(1).

A Comparative Analysis of Mission Statement Content and Readability. James Rajasekar. Sultan Qaboos University, Oman. The mission statement is an important organizational tool that forms the foundation for all other organizational objectives and strategies.

Furthermore, it . NMC is the automotive specialist that offers strategic and operational support to your business using a variety of cost-effective and flexible services such as mystery shopping, training, consultancy and auditing, for dealers and vehicle manufacturers in sales and after sales.

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