Child respect for parents

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Child respect for parents

But some parents seem to have a problem with teachers. So, given that this seems to be happening more frequently, what are the causes of this lack of respect for teachers, and where is this headed?

A century ago, teachers were almost certainly among the most educated members of their communities. Today, the education levels of teachers are perceived to be much the same as most of the community, in large part because so many members of society have finished high school, and even gone beyond.

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Accordingly, teachers are no longer looked up to because of their education. Which leads to the next reason—parents do not truly understand what teachers do in the classroom. You show up five days a week for six hours a day, talk for a while, and go home early.

It looks, from the outside, as if teachers have a cushy gig. Of course, if most parents were to try teaching for a couple of weeks, their perspectives might change—but the chances of that happening are pretty slim.

Politics can also be a reason why teachers receive less respect. Before the boomers, education was a political backwater.

Politicians at more senior levels of government had little interest in education, and little reason to pay attention to it. Once the boomers had kids in the system, all of that changed. Unfortunately, this attention did not prove to be benign. This has led to curricula and even daily lessons being dictated by bureaucrats in provincial ministries and as a result, the unique needs of the students has been disregarded.

Most of these bureaucrats are long on ideas and theory, but very short on actual experience. Too frequently they follow the foolish direction of ignorant people. Worse, when things are perceived to be wrong with the education system, scapegoats have to be found to deflect the blame from the elected officials who were so eager to grab the reins.

Unfortunately, teachers make a convenient target. Again, never mind that the teachers are doing what the ministries of education are directing them to do. And a number of premiers of all political stripes have done just that, often deliberately picking fights with teachers to score political points, and to show how tough they are.

Next, parents and their attitudes have changed. If you got into trouble in class when I went to school, not only were you disciplined by the teacher or worse, the principalyou got it double at home. Now many parents start with the assumption that their little darlings must be right, and therefore the teacher must be wrong.

So they attack the teacher who had the temerity to discipline, or even give a poor grade to little Suzy or Johnny. The reasons for this are surprisingly complex.

Child respect for parents

First, parents are pushed for time. Often two parents are working, or a single parent is trying to cope typically on her own, and parents sometimes have to work two jobs or more to make ends meet. Indeed, part of their overreaction may be due to guilt.

This may mean allowing the kid to make the teacher the bad guy. Children are sometimes seen as another possession, like the flash car, or the glitzy vacations, or the upscale cellphone.

How much worse then that a teacher would dare to diss your child, who is after all a manifestation of your very being, and a showcase for the superiority of your genes? In many ways, I feel bad for the kids of such parents who have to behave like good little ornaments.

These people are rude, demanding, hostile to service people, and unfortunately, they view teachers as servants whose primary responsibility is to act as a nanny, and, oh yes, also teach something along the way.

The result, of course, is that the children of such parents wind up being the spoiled children of spoiled children—a bad combination. And the system works against teachers. Today, all of these are considered Dark Age remedies, and teachers are almost powerless in matters of discipline.

Worse, they often fear repercussions of even a mild rebuke. Since such repercussions can be anything from a verbal confrontation with an irate parent, to physical assault from either the parent or the student, threats of a lawsuit, charges of assault, or worse, sexual assault, the risks are high and the payoff is minimal.

This means that the motivation for teachers to discipline at all approaches zero. And, perversely, this lack of desire to discipline counts against teachers, for they are perceived as being weak, irresolute, and shirking their jobs.Teaching your children how to respect you with nine ways to change their attitude.

Find a step-by-step guide at Empowering Parents. Oh, how sad. So sorry to hear about the incident with “Matthew” and “Buddy.” Heartbreaking.

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Despite the ongoing need to test limits, kids also need to learn the importance of respect for others — and respect begins at home. What you can do Demonstrate respectful behavior. respect Respecting your parents is the most amazing thing that a child can do for their parents Reply Arand Chiz Brazil November 8, Parents to son I think, and do, in a reverse sense, that parents must respect and take care of their offspring.

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