An analysis of the representation of female criminal justice workers in the media

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An analysis of the representation of female criminal justice workers in the media

Planning Guide Guide to Effective Strategic Planning A strategic plan is a road map for accomplishing a goal in an effective and timely manner.

Strategic planning is a continuous analytic process used to 1 create a focus for activities and resources to achieve specific results, and 2 develop shared responsibility for achieving those results.

The process provides a systematic way for an organization or system to express its vision, describe its values, state or update its mission, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop and accomplish short- and long-term goals.

While there are many strategic planning models, and no single model or process is the perfect fit for every situation, effective strategic planning processes are designed to address the following questions: Where are we now? Where do we want to be? What specific policies, practices, programs or other activities will be implemented to get us there?

Are we following our designated road map and achieving our expected results? One of the core features of an effective strategic planning process is its ongoing and cyclical nature.

A sound strategic plan is dynamic rather than static; it incorporates ongoing learning and continuous quality improvement. For example, sustainable strategic planning requires: Knowledge of implementation progress and problems, and new or emerging conditions, informs the planning process and maximizes effectiveness.

Incorporate Data into Planning An effective strategic planning process uses data and analysis in several important ways. Research, statistical analysis, and other background materials are relied upon to help define the current environment from an objective standpoint and to better understand and prioritize problems and needs i.

Data is also important for monitoring progress in implementing the plan, and to document how well the plan mitigates identified problems and needs. Monitoring implementation in a systematic, data-driven fashion is critical—as deviations from the plan are likely to occur.

Identifying problems before they become intractable, so that corrective action can be taken, is the key to maximizing success.

Women and the criminal justice system: what do the latest statistics show? | News |

In order to determine the effects of constituent programs and the overall impact of the plan, outcome evaluation is equally important. Stakeholder Engagement At the state level, effective strategic planning means that state agencies work with one another across traditional boundaries to foster meaningful relationships at the state level, and with stakeholders at the local level.

Comprehensive strategic plans must provide a policy and programming blueprint not only for multiple state and local criminal justice agencies, but for other organizations outside of the justice system that nonetheless provide services to criminal justice system involved clients.

Strategic planning initiatives require inclusion of stakeholders early in the process. The stakeholders should include widespread representation in order to build support and commitment to the effort.

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It also creates connections among diverse groups that might not otherwise interact, thereby increasing the probability the plan will produce desired results. Capacity-Building Capacity building facilitates successful implementation of the strategic plan and institutionalizes system improvements—even when other external forces e.

Building lasting capacity in areas such as data development, information sharing, evidence-based programming, evaluation, and interdisciplinary collaboration provides a host of benefits, many of which can transcend the planning process through long-term institutionalization.

Effective Leadership Involvement of high ranking officials is critical. Strategic plans should be developed by individuals with the authority and responsibility to carry out the plan and achieve its intended results.Female criminals get lighter sentences — or heavier ones Female Defendants: Does Criminal History Moderate the Effect of Gender on Sentence Length in Federal Narcotics Cases?” Criminal.

work in forensic psychology served as a springboard, and this project gave me the opportunity to explore a component of criminal justice ideology in depth. Sarah’s. Oct 29,  · This research has concentrated on portrayals by the media, popular culture, criminal justice textbooks, training manuals, and other literature surrounding criminal justice.

There is little known, however, about the way the race and gender of police and criminals are represented on social media. Instead, they are specific constructions of crime and documents/records of the judgmental and classification work done by the institutions of the criminal justice system.

An analysis of the representation of female criminal justice workers in the media

These aspects of 'crime' are therefore adequately inquired only with the implementation of qualitative methods.". Women & Criminal Justice, 18 (1–2), 1 – [Taylor & Francis Online] [Google Scholar]) found that such attitudes remain the most common barrier female officers have to overcome.

These obstacles begin at the recruitment and hiring phase and may impact a hired female officer throughout her career.

An analysis of the representation of female criminal justice workers in the media

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